Delhi Vat Updates

1 .F.5(54)/Policy/VAT/2013/PF/659-670 02-01-2015 grant facility of VAT exemption/refund to Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in New Delhi
1 .F.3(480)/Policy/VAT/14/683-689 11 13-01-2015 Authorised as Spl.OHAs for hearing the objections with respect to 2A-2B mismatch of 2012-13 instead of the Assistant Commissioner
2 .F.7(420)/Policy/VAT/Policy/2011/PF/209-215 22 28-05-2015
3 .F.7(400)/Policy/VAT/Policy/2011/PF/142-155 28-05-2015
4 .F.7(480)/Policy/VAT/Policy/2014/1616(disposal of objections2206-06-2015 5-06-2015
1. .F.7(480)/Policy/VAT/Policy/2014/1616(disposal of objections2206-06-20151F.No. IV/Misc./Estt./03/13-14/7245-5220-10-2014   20-10-2014 In supersession of all the previous orders with respect to objections related to cancellation of registration, the objections related to cancellation of registration shall be heard by concerned Zonal Incharges in respect of their zones